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Privacy Policy

The section delves to highlight the terms and conditions that will apply to users using this website. therefore, by accessing this site you consent has an in-depth understanding of the terms and conditions. In case you don’t agree to the terms and conditions then you should not use the site in any way. The site at any time has the right without notice being provided to either change, modify, delete, and add terms and conditions of and sale. It is, therefore, advisable that you regularly check the terms and conditions for any updates that may be done. Therefore, by using the site you consent that you have properly understood the terms and conditions stipulated and that you have agreed to be bound by them. In case you have any queries with regard to the terms and conditions don’t hesitate to contact our support team for clarification

Terms of use of the site
  • By using the site, you affirm you at least 18 years of age and if below the aforementioned age you are accessing the site under the consent and guidance of a legally recognized guardian.
  • In the registration process, you consent to get promotional emails from this site. However, you have the right to unsubscribe to the emails by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of every promotional email sent.
  • The site strictly prohibits any actions that will result in the infringement of our intellectual properties, illegal access to our websites, infringing on any website functions or even altering any software code. Such actions and those that are related to them are strictly prohibited and any breach shall result in the immediate revocation of the right and license to access the site. It is important to highlight that the revocation will happen without prejudice to any laws or rules that may be provided at law.
  • You should cognizant that there are various features and services on our website that may require to subscribe or register. In the event you choose to exercise both options; registration or subscription, you consent that the information you have provided is accurate and up to date. You are required that you regularly update the information if there any changes
  • DN Solutions Ltd provides its users’ rights that are not exclusive nor transferable or revocable for certain things such making purchases, deriving prior information on our offering and shopping for products or services provided on this site.
  • The site explicitly denies or prohibits any commercial use of the site or the use on behalf of the site on behalf of any third party. However, this can only be allowed by consent provided by us in advance.
  • All users are solely required to ensure that their passwords and other critical identifiers are safeguarded and protected from intrusion. Therefore, the account holder is solely responsible for all activities that are conducted under their accounts or passwords. In the event, the account is compromised you are required to inform us immediately. However, DN Solutions Ltd bears no responsibility either directly or indirectly for any damages or losses may have arisen from the failure to adhere to the terms highlighted in this section.

Information provided by usersAll information that you provided to the site becomes our exclusive property and in no way or form can it be given back to you. That notwithstanding aside from the rights applicable to any submission be it from any review or comments posted on the site, you provide us with the right to use the name that you have submitted in connection to the comment, review or other content. The site completely forbids impersonation, or the use of false email aimed at misleading us or any of our third-parties as to the submission origin. In such a case we may edit or remove such submissions and we shall not be obligated to do so.